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12U Boys Interplay Schedule

12U Boys Interplay Schedule 2022

Game #DateTimeFieldTeam #1Team #2 
2Sat. 09/10/22
8:00AMAnamax 5837B-3 (D. Mason)837B-4 (D.Carlsen)
4Sat. 09/10/2211:00 AMJesse Owens - MPF 7153C (Angel)837B-2 (L. Avila)
Sat. 09/10/221:00 PMJesse Owens - MPF 7350B (P. Davis)837B-1 (C. Ramirez)
Sat. 09/10/222:30 PMNaranja 1 North922B-1 (Warfel)922B-2 (Dia-Garcia)
9Sat. 09/17/229:30 AMAnamax 5837B-2 (L. Avila)837B-3 (D. Mason)
10Sat. 09/17/2211:00 AMAnamax 5837B-4 (D. Carlsen)350B (P. Davis)
11Sat. 09/17/2211:00 AMJesse Owens - MPF 7153C (Angel)922B-2 (Dia-Garcia)
13Sat. 09/17/222:30 PMNaranja 1 North922B-1 (Warfel)837B-1 (C. Ramirez)
15Sat. 09/24/228:00 AMAnamax 5837B-1 (C. Ramirez)837B-3 (D. Mason)
16Sat. 09/24/229:30 AMRillito 6350B (P. Davis)922B-2 (Dia-Garcia)
17Sat. 09/24/229:30 AMAnamax 5837B-2 (L. Avila)922B-1 (Warfel)
19Sat. 09/24/2211:00 AMJesse Owens - MPF 7153C (Angel)837B-4 (D. Carlsen)
21Sat. 10/1/228:00 AMAnamax 5837B-1 (C. Ramirez)837B-2 (L. Avila)
24Sat. 10/1/221:00 PMNaranja 2 South922B-1 (Warfel)837B-3 (D. Mason)
25Sat. 10/1/222:30 PMNaranja 2 South922B-2 (Dia-Garcia)837B-4 (D. Carlsen)
Blackout: 350 & 153 
27Sat. 10/8/229:30 AMAnamax 5837B-3 (D. Mason)837B-4 (D. Carlsen)
28Sat. 10/8/2211:00 AMRillito 6350B (P. Davis)837B-1 (C. Ramirez)
29Sat. 10/8/221:00 PMRillito 6 153C (Angel)837B-2 (L. Avila)
    Blackout: 922
30Sat. 10/15/229:30 AMRillito 6350B (P. Davis)153C (Angel)
      Blackout: 837 & 922
33Sat. 10/22/228:00 AMAnamax 5837B-2 (L. Avila)837B-3 (D. Mason)
34Sat. 10/22/2211:00 AMRillito 6350B (P. Davis)922B-1 (Warfel)
36Sat. 10/22/2211:00 AMJesse Owens - MPF 7153C (Angel)837B-4 (D. Carlsen)
37Sat. 10/22/221:00 PMNaranja 1 North922B-2 (Dia-Garcia)837B-1 (C. Ramirez)
39Sat. 10/29/229:30 AMAnamax 5837B-1 (C. Ramirez)837B-4 (D. Carlsen)
40Sat. 10/29/229:30 AMRillito 6350B (P. Davis)837B-2 (L. Avila)
42Sat. 10/29/2211:00 AMJesse Owens - MPF 7153C (Angel)922B-1 (Warfel)
44Sat. 10/29/222:30 PMNaranja 1 North922B-2 (Dia-Garcia)837B-3 (D. Mason)
45Sat. 11/05/228:00 AMAnamax 5837B-2 (L. Avila)837B-4 (D. Carlsen)
46Sat. 11/05/229:30 AMAnamax 5837B-1 (C. Ramirez)922B-1 (Warfel)
47Sat. 11/05/2211:00 AMJesse Owens - MPF 7153C (Angel)837B-3 (D. Mason)
49Sat. 11/05/221:00 PMNaranja 1 North922B-2 (Dia-Garcia)350B (P. Davis)
51Sat. 11/12/228:00 AMRillito 6350B (P. Davis)837B-3 (D. Mason)
53Sat. 11/12/229:30AMAnamax 5837B-1 (C. Ramirez)837B-2 (L. Avila)
55Sat. 11/12/221:00 PMNaranja 1 North922B-2 (Dia-Garcia)153C (Angel)
56Sat. 11/12/222:30 PMNaranja 1 North922B-1 (Warfel)837B-4 (D. Carlsen)
59Sat. 11/19/229:30 AMAnamax 5837B-1 (C. Ramirez)153C (Angel)
60Sat. 11/19/2211:00 AMRillito 6350B (P. Davis)837B-4 (D. Carlsen)
Sat. 11/19/2211:00 AMAnamax 5837B-2 (L. Avila)922B-2 (Dia-Garcia)
63Sat. 11/19/221:00 PMNaranja 1 North922B-1 (Warfel)837B-3 (D. Mason)

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12U Boys Interplay Schedules '22.pdf

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